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Top Tips When Buying Honda Saddlebags

There are many different types of Honda Saddle bags, with different styles and features. They can be studded or plain, buckle or with no buckle. The locking system also varies and it could either be a QDS (Quick Disconnect System), Hard mount kit, or Throw over kit.

There are also many other consideration that will arise naturally, as a result of the lifestyle you live or your personal tastes. Here are some of the things that will help you make the right decision.


Personal Style

This is mostly a matter of taste, and the decision will likely be in line with why you bought the motorcycle. If aesthetics influenced your decision when you bought it, you have no choice but to match the bike’s style otherwise you’ll be disappointed. The style can be categorized as either being traditional vintage style, or a more modern look, even though there are other styles in between.

  • Studded bags: Most studded bags are for those who want a more aggressive vintage look. This is just a general rule that does not apply to everyone, who loves Honda motorcycles. If you decide to pick studded bags, ensure that the metal used for the studs is made of durable material such as stainless steel, gold, or chrome plated. Rust doesn’t look good on saddlebags.
  • Buckle: For some Honda owners, any metal will add an unwanted shine on their motorcycles. Most of those who don’t want the extra shine include the Honda Shadow. A buckle less is preferred by many, who consider the extra shine to be undesirable.
  • Custom Shock Cut: The saddlebags can be made to fit the bike’s rear and curve through the fender. This enhances the bikes look and is mainly chosen for its aesthetics.
  • Leather: To most people, leather looks better than other saddlebags made from Fiberglass. However, fiberglass is sometimes considered to be a better option, because it is waterproof. This is also determined by what your needs are and how you use your bike.



How much luggage will you be carrying often? Are you going on a long trip? Or do you often need it to go for errands? These are just some of the important questions; you need to ask yourself before you buy a saddlebag.

Lockable Bags

This is important for security and depends on the places you often frequent. A locking system is important, if you go for errands frequently and you have to leave the bags and the bike parked in a place with questionable security.

Mounting Onto the Bike

You may choose to have the bags locked in permanently onto the bike. This can be good for security purposes. It all depends on what your needs are.


For Honda bags, there are 3 main ways to mount them on the motorcycle.

  • Quick Disconnect System: This is important, if you need to remove the bag and take it indoors often. If you constantly need to remove the luggage for security reasons, then this is the best choice for you.
  • Throw Over: This is an option that has always been common and is easy to mount and remove. It may take more time to un-mount compared to QDS, but it is certainly a good option for someone looking for a saddlebag to use for a short period of time.
  • Permanent Mount: This Locks the bag permanently onto the bike. It is not easy to detach, therefore it is not going to be stolen easily.

The type of Honda Saddlebags you choose will ultimately be determined by personal tastes and how you use your bike. Once you determine this, it will be easy to choose one with some of the tips given here.

Honda VTX Motorcycle Saddlebags-Simply The Best Motorcycle Bags

Honda motorcycles are famous for their beautiful looks and have their countless fans all around the world. These motorcycles are available in variety of models among which one is Honda VTX motorcycle. The silver colored vtx motorcycle is a glamorous and stylish means of traveling. If you want to carry some sort of luggage with your vtx then there are available different kinds of motorcycle bags for your motorcycle. The most suitable motorcycle bags for your vtx are Honda VTX motorcycle saddlebags. These bags are provided in beautiful colors. Following features of these motorcycles bags prove these the most spacious and protective motorcycle luggage:

1) The Two Functional Types of VTX Saddlebags:

Honda VTX bags are provided in two most functional types. Both the hard Honda Saddlebags and the Honda leather bags provide maximum security to the luggage. Rain pads of leather bags and the water proof hard bags enable the rider to carry luggage during traveling in rainy conditions. Furthermore the hard viking saddle bags are made air tight enabling them to carry all types of eatables also.

2) Provide Maximum Space for Carrying Luggage:

As these bags are used in pair so you can carry maximum amount of luggage using these two saddlebags. No other motorcycle luggage is used in pair like these saddlebags thus providing maximum space to the rider. The inner compartments of the hard saddlebags also help in carrying different kinds of belongings. The leather bags have external pockets which can be used to carry small belongings of the rider thus enabling the rider to have organized luggage management.

3) Enable the Rider to have Continuous Ride:

These Honda bags provide the rider with the facility to have a continuous ride as these bags do not get detached from the motorcycle during the ride, if are attached through fixed mounting method. Both the Hard saddlebags and leather made bags can be attached with the motorcycle through bolts which provide strong attachment of these bags with the motorcycle.

4) Can be Given a New Look as Compared to other Motorcycle Luggage:

Honda Saddlebags made of fiber glass can be given a customized new look on the choice of the rider or you can also find a pair of these hard bags matching with the color of your motorcycle. These Honda bags are considered as a stylish addition to the appearance of your Honda vtx motorcycle.

It depends on the choice of the rider that what kind of Honda saddle bags he/she wants to use to carry luggage along with the motorcycle. To learn more about these bags, click here.

Some Features of Honda Rebel Saddlebags Proving them both Secure and Stylish

Honda automobiles are widely used in all over the world. Honda motorcycles are also famous for using them for routine traveling. Honda Rebel motorcycle is on the top of the list of Honda motorcycles. When it comes to the luggage carriage need of the rider, there we have a huge list of motorcycle luggage. Honda Rebel Saddlebags are considered the most functional motorcycle luggage bags because of their countless positive features. These bags are capable to be used in all weather conditions. Following are given some features of Honda Rebel bags which make these bags the most suitable motorcycle luggage to be used with a Honda Rebel motorcycle:

1)      Prove to be Most Spacious than Other Motorcycle Bags:

These motorcycle bags are used in pairs with a motorcycle thus enabling the rider to carry maximum amount of luggage along with these motorcycle bags. These motorcycle bags are thus proved to be the most spacious bags than other kinds of motorcycle bags. This is the unique feature of these bags which is not present in other motorcycle bags.

2)      Enable the Rider to have a Smooth Ride:

These motorcycle bags enable the rider to have a smooth ride. Honda Rebel bags attached under fixed mounting method reduce the chances of detachment of these bags during traveling at fast speeds. You can also make sure to have an uninterrupted by properly fastening the throw over leather brackets of your leather made Honda bags.

3)      Capable to Carry Luggage in All Weather Conditions:

Both the leather and hard saddlebags enable the rider to carry all kinds of luggage in all weather conditions. Hard saddlebags are made water proof and air tight which makes the rider to carry belongings by traveling even in rainy weather. The those leather saddlebags which seem to be less functional in severe weather conditions are also provided with rain liners to keep the luggage safe from getting wet from rain. You can also carry all kinds of eatables using these saddlebags.

4)      Provided in Outstanding Looks:

These saddlebags are provided in beautiful looks further enhancing the appearance of your motorcycle. The leather made saddlebags have stylish looking studs and buckles on the exterior. No doubt a Honda Rebel motorcycle already has beautiful appearance, but installing these outstanding saddlebags on this motorcycle gives it an eye catching appearance.

Thus these viking saddle bags can be used not only for carrying large amounts of luggage but also for giving your motorcycle a beautiful appearance. You just have to make a selection for the right kind of these saddlebags regarding the appearance and shapes.

Honda VTX Bags-A Secure Means of Carrying Your Delicate Belongings


Do you use your Honda VTX for long distance rides? If yes then this motorcycle would have certainly introduced you with something new and adventurous. VTX motorcycles no doubt make traveling memorable but still one might need something extra to increase the convenience level during ride. A rider may need some motorcycle luggage to carry some of the important belongings which might otherwise be impossible without using proper motorcycle luggage. A Honda motorcycle rider can have following benefits by having Honda VTX Bags installed on the motorcycle.


1)      Carry Luggage in Safe Custody:

Get rid of the worry to have a secure carriage of your belonging by having a pair of these Honda bags. These bags come in locking mechanism enabling the rider to keep the luggage in safe custody. Moreover these have protective inner coverings which keep your delicate belongings too safe from getting scratches from the walls of hard bags.


2)      Long Life of VTX Saddlebags:

By maintaining Honda Saddlebag you can increase the life of these bags thus enabling you to use these bags for long periods of time. There is available a wide variety of products which can be used to keep the leather bags new for longer periods. Polishing the leather increases its life and also retains the moisture of VTX leather bags. One can also keep the hard bags new by renovating them whenever required.


3)      Quick Installation Saves Time:

You can easily install these bags on the motorcycle using throw over mounting method. In throw over mounting, disconnect brackets are used for mounting hard saddlebags made of fiber glass and separate throw over leather brackets are used with the leather made Honda bags. Hence this quick installation method saves the time as well as effort of the rider.


4)      Enhance the Appearance of Motorcycle:

Latest Honda VTX Saddlebags are available in beautiful exterior. Commonly used shapes of these bags are slanted and cubic. The leather bags are provided with decorated exterior having stain less steel buckles and studs on them. The Hard bags with built-in red turning lights give the motorcycle a stylish appearance from the backside of the motorcycle.


5)      Customizable Hard Harley VTX Bags

The hard Honda bags enable the rider to have a customized look by the choice of the rider. The hard bags have smooth robust surface capable to be painted in any color. Thus a rider can change overall look of his/her motorcycle along with these viking bags.


A Few Points in Favor of Honda Rebel Saddlebags


Have you ever made a ride on a Honda Rebel motorcycle?  What an awesome experience it is having a Honda Rebel for adventurous tours with your friends. This motorcycle will fulfill all your dreams to become as fast and furious rider however you might need to carry some kind of belongings along with you on the ride. Motorcycling is somewhat risky activity in which rider may face a sudden unpleasant situation. Therefore to make sure the safe carriage of luggage during the ride, a right kind of motorcycle luggage should be selected, offering both convenience and security. The most appropriate kind of motorcycle luggage for your Honda Rebel is Honda Rebel Saddlebags. These bags are made both stylish and secure and are very convenient to have a smooth ride. Following are some of the reasons which prove these saddlebags the most suitable choice for the rider:



1)      Enhance the Appearance of Motorcycle:

These motorcycle bags are available in variety of beautiful shapes and designs. You can have matching color saddlebags giving an overall beautiful appearance of your motorcycle. As these bags are used in pair so this feature gives your motorcycle a balanced look. You can also use these saddlebags to have a bulky and robust appearance of your motorcycle.


2)      The Most Functional Two Types:

These Honda bags are available in two types made of different materials i.e. hard saddlebags made of fiber glass and leather bags made of leather. Both these kinds of saddlebags provide the rider with the required level of security and space. The only difference is of the appearance of these two bags; the hard bags give a robust appearance to the  motorcycle having different types of exterior covering like leather and fiber glass. Hard bags give a glamorous looks to the motorcycle. The leather made bags are available in both decorated and simple leather exterior thus enabling the rider to have a classic look of his/her motorcycle.


3)      Provide the Required Level of Security:

Both the hard and leather Honda rebel bags are made with tough material giving security to the luggage of the rider. These bags enable the rider to carry any kind of belongings including the delicate ones also. These Honda bags are provided with lockable facility that keeps the luggage safe from unauthorized access.


Above mentioned are the main reasons for having a pair of Honda Rebel Saddlebags. These bags are very easy to maintain; leather bags can be cleaned by using leather cleaners while the hard bags can be given a customized look by painting them on the choice of the rider. However consider about the quality of your viking saddle bags for having them functional for long.

Reasons for Having Honda Shadow Saddlebags

Are you having a Honda Shadow motorcycle with gorgeous appearance? This motorcycle does not only have beautiful exterior but it also proves to be a high performance motorcycle. You can travel on your Honda Shadow for many miles continuously and this bike will not leave you on the way. And when it comes to travel for long distances, you should carry some important belongings along with you to have a convenient ride. Following are given some of the reasons which prove Honda Shadow Saddlebags the most suitable for carrying all kinds of belongings:



1)      Fiber Glass Made Bags Provide Proper Protection:

The hard Honda bags which are made of fiber glass provide maximum protection to the carried luggage. All the carried belongings in these bags are kept in safe custody. So you can take along all types of belongings using these hard bags.


2)      Inner Soft Covering Provide Safety to the Luggage:

The inner soft covering of Hare bags enables the rider to keep his/her delicate luggage also in these hard bags. The rider can keep his/her belongings in an organized manner by using the separate inner and outer compartments of both the hard and leather made Honda Motorcycle Bags.


3)      Enable the Rider to Carry Precious Belongings As Well:

The rider can carry his/her precious and valuable belongings in these saddlebags without getting worried about the security because these bags are provided with locking mechanisms. The hard bags come with built-in locking systems while the leather made bags can be locked using separate locks by the rider.


4)      Can be Attached Using Suitable Installation Method:

The Honda bags can be attached with the motorcycle using any of the two installation methods. Throw over mounting method is useful for the purpose of having a quick disconnection of the bags from motorcycle. Under this method the bags are attached using disconnect brackets. These Honda bags can also be installed under fixed installation method in which bags are installed through bolts. The fixedly attached bags enable the rider to have a smooth ride. To Know more about these bags click here.


5)      Keep the Motorcycle in Balanced Position during the Ride:

As the saddlebags are attached at both sides of the motorcycle, these bags keep the motorcycle in balanced position if equal amount of luggage is carried in both the saddlebags.


Above features of Viking Saddle Bags prove them to be the suitable choice for carrying luggage during traveling.

Suggestions for Selecting Right Kind of Honda VTX Saddlebags

Honda is an automobile company manufacturing eye catching Honda VTX motorcycles. These motorcycles are said to be the most stylish motorcycles having gorgeous appearance. There are available a variety of motorcycle bags which can be used with these motorcycles to carry any kind luggage. Among this variety, only Honda VTX Saddlebags are considered to be the most beneficial motorcycle bags to be used for carrying belongings. A rider can choose these bags according to his/her luggage carrying requirement. Below are given some of the suggestions which should be taken into consideration at the time of purchasing of these Honda Bags:

1)      Select Honda Bags Offering Enough Space:

One should have an idea about the space which he/she might require for carrying certain amount of luggage. The rider should select a pair of these vikingbags offering enough space for carrying more than routine used luggage so that he/she might not need to use motorcycle luggage other than these saddlebags.

2)      Should Decide About the Appearance:

As these saddlebags are available in two types i.e. Honda hard bags made of fiber glass and Honda leather bags. Both these bags provide enough space with a slight difference in their appearance. The leather bags give a classic look to the motorcycle while the hard bags having shiny exterior enable the rider to have a glamorous look of the motorcycle. The rider should choose type of bags which give an eye catching overall look of the motorcycle.

3)     Select Bags Capable to be Locked:

It becomes very convenient for the rider if the saddlebags attached to the motorcycle are capable to be locked. Prefer to choose Honda VTX bags with lockable property. There are available hard Honda bags in the market with built-in locking system. Lockable bags enable the rider to carry the precious and valuable belongings as well along the motorcycle.

4)      Facilitate the Busy Rider with Quick Installation:

It is best for the rider to have saddlebags which could be easily installed on the motorcycle if he/she has busy routines. Throw over mounting method enable the rider to have easy attachment and detachment of these saddlebags of the motorcycles. Thus for the rider having busy schedules Honda saddlebags capable to be installed quickly, are the best suitable choice.

By considering above mentioned measures a rider can choose the best suitable saddlebags for his/her motorcycle. Whichever type of Honda Saddlebags you decide to purchase, always consider the quality level of the bags to ensure the durability of these bags.

Honda Bags having Robust and Stylish Look

Honda motorcycles are widely used motorcycles among all other brands of motorcycles. These motorcycles are available in many models with beautiful exterior. A person having a Honda motorcycle also needs some kind of Honda motorcycle Luggage to carry his/her important belongings along with the motorcycle. There are many types of motorcycle luggage available in the market. Motorcycle luggage includes saddlebags, sissy bar bags, motorcycles trunks, tanks, windshield etc. The best suited luggage bags for your Honda motorcycle are Honda saddlebags. These Honda bags are very spacious and carry maximum amount of luggage. Following are further features of these motorcycle bags:

1)      Available in Two Types:

These bags are available in two types; leather bags and hard saddlebags. Both these types of bags carry luggage as well as facilitate the rider to have an eye catching appearance of the motorcycle. The leather bags give a classic look to the motorcycle and the robust hard bags enable the rider to have an overall integrated look of the motorcycle.

2)      Give A Balanced Stylish Look of the Motorcycle:

These customized Honda Saddlebag give a stylish balanced look to the motorcycle. These bags are available in variety of designs and styles. You can get a matching pair of hard saddlebags with that of your motorcycle. The leather bags are also available in plain and decorated forms. These leather saddlebags have rust free buckles and studs on them.

3)      Lockable Bag Provide Full Protection to Luggage:

The lockable saddlebags provide maximum protection to the carried luggage because of their being able to be locked. All the hard bags come with locking mechanisms protecting the luggage from unauthorized access. The leather bags can also be locked using a separate lock with them.

4)      Come With Easy Installation Method:

These saddlebags come with easy installation methods. Both the hard and leather bags are capable to be installed using throw over disconnect brackets. It allows the rider to attach and detach these bags from the motorcycle in no time. The other installation is fixed mounting in which the bags are attached with the motorcycle using bolts. This installation is very useful for having long convenient ride.

5)      Easily Maintainable Leather Bags:

Honda leather bags can be maintained very easily. There are many products available in the market for keeping the saddlebags new for longer periods of time. Leather conditioners and cleaners are used to keep the leather soft and clean.

Above mentioned are some of the features of Honda saddlebags giving a Robust and Stylish look to your Honda motorcycles. Always prefer to have Viking Saddle bags of high quality to ensure the safe carriage of your luggage.

Benefits Offered by Honda Rebel Bags

Honda motorcycles are the widely used motorcycles in all over the world. There are different models of Honda motorcycles which are the favorite ones of bike lovers. Amongst these is Honda Rebel motorcycle which is the starter bike of Honda. There are available a variety of motorcycle luggage available in the market. Amongst these skilfully crafted Honda Rebel bags are considered the widely used ones which enable the rider to carry maximum amount of luggage along with. There are countless benefits of these motorcycle bags, all of which are rarely achieved from other types of motorcycle luggage. Following are some of the benefits of these Honda bags:

1)      Facilitate the Rider with Organized Luggage Management:

These motorcycle bags have many internal and external pockets enabling the rider to keep different types and sizes of belongings in an organized manner. The leather made bags are provided with outside pockets for keeping belongings like mobiles, key chains, and note pads etc. While the hard Honda Saddlebag has inner compartments that allow the biker to carry luggage in an organized way thus making organized luggage management.


2)      Secure Carriage of the Belongings:

These motorcycle bags are provided with robust and durable exterior which keep the carried belongings safe from outside risks from getting crushed in case of any calamity. These bags are also provided in leather material with inner strong frame. The hard bags keep the luggage safe from getting scratches from outside calamity as well as provide inner protection by having carpeted inner covering.

3)      Give the Motorcycle A Balanced Look:

These custom made Honda Rebel Saddlebags provide a balanced look of the motorcycle. These bags are used in Pair on both saddles of the motorcycle and seem to be an integrated part of the motorcycle. These motorcycle bags maintain the balance of the motorcycle during the ride if equal amount of luggage is carried in each of the saddlebags.

4)      Enhance the Appearance of the Motorcycle:

As these saddlebags are available in a variety of materials, styles and design, these bags enhance the appearance of the motorcycle. The leather bags give a classic look to the motorcycle and the hard bags provide an overall gorgeous appearance of the motorcycle. Furthermore the hard bags enable the rider to give them a customized or matching color like that of the motorcycle.

The above mentioned are few of the many benefits of Honda Rebel Saddlebags. These vikingbags are very durable if are purchased of high quality from reputed seller. To learn more about these bags, click here.



The Heavy Duty Hard Honda VTX Saddlebags

Honda is a famous automobile company producing state of art motorcycles in variety of designs. All the motorcycles series of Honda have excellent performance and looks. Honda VTX motorcycles are loved for their beautiful exterior and heavy duty performance. There are available a lot of motorcycles bags for facilitating the rider carrying the important belongings of him/her. You can easily find Honda VTX saddlebags for your VTX motorcycle. The Hard bags are perfect to be used with this prestigious motorcycle as these bags come in beautiful exterior. These bags are also the heavy duty bags like the Honda motorcycle. Following are some of the features of these bags:



1)      Can be given a Customized Look:

The hard motorcycle bags can be given a customized look along with the motorcycle. The rider can have an overall matching look of these bags and the motorcycle. These bags can be painted in any color of biker’s choice. This feature is very favorable for the rider having changing moods.



2)      Availability in Pair:

These motorcycle bags are available in pair. No other motorcycle luggage is used in pair. If the ride usually needs small amount of belongings then he/she can use swing arm bag which is made to be used in single and to some extent look like a saddlebag. However saddlebags which are used in pair, carry maximum amount of luggage than any other type of motorcycle luggage.



3)      Time Saving Installation:

These motorcycle bags can be installed using disconnect brackets which saves the time and effort of the rider. It takes no time to attach and detach the saddlebags from the motorcycle using these disconnect brackets. You just have to pull out and put down the bags in these brackets.



4)      Provide Protection to Delicate Belongings:

Despite of having robust exterior, these hard saddlebags have inner soft carpeted walls. This enables these bags to be used for carrying even the delicate things like electronics which could get scratches otherwise from the walls of the bags. One should use motorcycle gloves for protecting hands during ride as hands have to grip the handles to control the motorcycle.



5)      Carry Eatables keeping them Hygienic:

These saddlebags are made air tight thus a biker can carry all types of eatables. The eatables will not only remain safe from sagging but also be kept hygienic in these air tight bags.

If you want to have a pair of these vikingbags, take in to consideration the quality of the bags before making a purchase.